• flyers are in safety lines
  • located n beautiful asheville
  • Trained staff
  • no experience necessary
  • AGES 4+, 250 LBS OR LESS
  • step by step instructions
  • Private groups/birthdays

Experienced catchers and flyers are always welcome.  We love master classes and workshops.  Reach out to us if you are moving or traveling through Asheville.

Dare to Fly Trapeze is an outdoor recreation, so weather conditions are important to our schedule.  You can check out the forecast here.  We do issue rain checks.

Any one ages 4 & up, 250 lbs or less can fly.  Prior experience isn't necessary.  We will walk you through step by step.  We specialize in first-time flyers, so you will fit right in!

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​​​​1.  Basic flying trapeze class -   all levels, ages 4+, <= 120 min,  learn proper take off and flying fundamentals, during the first class you will get to try a knee hang, and a back flip dismount.  These classes are also open to flyers who want to continue learning the art of flying   ​$40 single class, $100 4 pack, $160 8 pack, $195 unlimited 

2.  Circus fitness class -  all levels, ages 10+, = 60 min, this class is taught on the ground and low bar only.  Build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance through practices found in  circus disciplines.  Shake up your work out and have a blast! ​$20 single class, $60 4 pack, $100 8 pack, $130 unlimited 

3.  Catch flying trapeze class -  At these classes you will get to work on perfecting the timing trick and if ready will be plucked out of the air by one of our professionally trained catchers.   All levels welcome! ages 4+, <=120 min,   ​$55 single class, $95 2 pack 

4.  Jump start -   all levels, ages 4+, =60 min,  this class is taught only on the low bar.  Learn basic trapeze technique and positions, as well as build knowledge, flexibility and strength for first and final positions for a variety of front end tricks.  ​​$15 single class, $50 4 pack

5.  Kids circus club - all levels, ages 5+, = 60 min, your little ones will build self confidence, body awareness, strength, balance and flexibility in a supportive and fun environment. Aerials, plate spinning, juggling, acrobatics and more!  $15 single class, $50 4 pack

6.  Aerial private lesson - all levels, ages 4+ = 60 min, take an aerial lesson on lyra, trapeze, silks, sling, dance trapeze, spanish web and more.  $55 private instruction, may be shared, with approval

7.  Welcome to flying trapeze experience!  All levels, ages 4+,  <=120 min, this package is great for first time flyers and visitors!  In addition to your flying trapeze class, we will supply you with awesome swag, drinks, and  a voucher to give as a gift, tip or use yourself for future visits!  $80 single experience​

*  Dare To Fly Trapeze requires 4 flyers minimum per fly class and 2 students for ground class, or reserves the right to cancel classes on schedule.  You will not be charged for classes DTFT cancels due to lack of participation.  You may buy out the remainder of a class by calling 828-301-5615 to ensure the minimum participants are met.
** Classes may be made up if you cancel a minimum of 48 hours prior to class. 
*** Rain checks will be rescheduled for free.  50% booking fee retained for any parties unable to reschedule or partial classes.
**** Groupons expiring 12/31/15 may be used through 6/1/16 only.  Please email info@daretoflytrapeze.com to book

*****Packages cannot be shared (except family packages).  Packages expire 45 days after purchase, and we are unable to extend.

******Gift certificates available for all class types and all packages!

“there's something magical about flying!”

"I have forgotten many "firsts" in my life, but I have never forgotten my first time off the board decades ago. I love sharing that experience with others.  After the nerves wore off, the sense of accomplishment  I felt reached up touch the thrill.  What an amazing experience!" - Christine Aiken